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Sports Bras For Large Breasts

Sports bras for large breasts have become easier to find in recent years. Bras for larger breasts will cost more, but are a necessity. Without the proper support it is very uncomfortable for women with large breasts to run or exercise.

Large breasted women should avoid the pull over the head style of sports bra since they do not offer adequate support.  The bra should always be tried on before purchasing.  If you purchase online or by catalogue, it is wise to check the return policy.  Be sure the straps are wide enough and that the cup covers the full breast.  The best bra fabric is lycra and moisture wicking material.  Fabrics with little to no stretch are superior.  A sports bra that lifts and separates the breasts is a good idea in order to prevent chafing and severe sweating which are issues for large breasted women.

When exercising it is important to wear a proper fitting bra.  Without proper support, you might experience breathing problems and pain or tension in the arms and shoulders.

The breast is comprised of adipose or fatty tissue, mammary glands, connective tissue and the Cooper’s ligament that holds the breast firm and keeps it from sagging.  The chest muscle cannot support breast tissue, so that is why a good sports bra is required for more active pursuits.  To participate in higher impact exercise will require a different style of bra than if you are doing low impact things like walking, yoga or Pilates.  Some women like to go shirtless when exercising indoors and will therefore want to choose something a bit more appealing in appearance.

The compression bra which simply presses the breasts toward the chest are not a good choice for large breasts because they do not have any support.  Even a combination compression/encapsulation bra will not work if you are more than a DD cup size.  A better choice would be an encapsulated style sports bra with or without underwires.  This type of bra holds each breast individually and does up in either the front or back.

Since sports bras for large breasts are expensive, you will want to take good care of  them.  Washing in mild detergent by hand and hanging to dry is the best cleaning method.  If sweating is a major problem, then consider washing your bra after every use.  If properly cared for,  your sports bra should last six months to a year or sometimes longer.

It is wise to purchase a new sports bra if your current one is losing shape or the elastic is losing its stretchiness.  If the material starts to pill particularly under the arms or the bra just isn’t giving the support it once did, then get rid of it.  A gain or loss of weight will also affect the fit of your bra and signal the time for a new one.

Sometimes it can be frustrating shopping for a sports bra for large breasts, but do not become discouraged.  If you cannot find what you require in a store or online, there are places which will make a customized bra to fit your figure.