Bras For Large Breasted WomenBest Bra For Large Breasts

Bras For Large Breasted Women

Why is it so difficult to find bras for large breasted women? The major reason is that the majority of department stores do not stock them. However, there are numerous online shopping sites that carry extra large bras for the voluptuous woman. Do not forget to consider specialty shops such as those that cater to nursing moms or women with mastectomies because they also often have special sized bras for the larger bosom.

The larger breasted woman must take care to wear the proper bra.  This requires being accurately measured to determine band size and the correct cup size.  It is estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size of bra.  Every time you buy a new bra you should get measured.  The band size is determined by measuring around just under your breasts. The second measurement is taken around the fullest part of the breasts.  Simply subtract one number from the other and the difference in inches indicates the cup size, with each inch being a different letter.  Be sure that your arms are kept at your sides for the band measurement or it will skew the result.  Even though you can do these measurements yourself it is adviseable to have the personnel in the lingerie department do it for you to obtain a more accurate fit.

In choosing your bra style, remember that any embellishments such as bows, beads and lace can make your breasts look larger.  For this reason you might want to choose a smooth cup which will enhance your appearance, particularly under sweaters.  With the proper support it is possible to look young and perky in spite of having large breasts.

Bras for large breasted women typically have wider straps, but they should never dig in to your shoulder.  It is the job of the band to do the supporting rather than the straps.  Take a look at where your band sits along your back.  If the band rises up or sags you probably should be looking for a new bra because you are not wearing the correct size.  The bands on these bras have five hooks or more and are available in front or back closure styles.  A bigger bust needs more support and help to prevent sagging and discomfort.  Neck, back and shoulder pain are not uncommon for women with large breasts, particularly if they are not properly supported.

Take your cheque book with you or at least a fair chunk of cash with you because you can expect to pay $50 or more for these bras.  They have more material than usual and have a sturdier construction which means more money.  Being large breasted does not mean that you can’t wear something pretty and sensual.  The colors, styles and variations are numerous and can actually make or break the look of the clothing you wear.

Just because you have large breasts does not mean that you have to look sloppy or dumpy.  With a little investigation and lots of patience, it is possible to locate bras for large breasted women.  You will look and feel like a million bucks when you are wearing adequate support and the proper lingerie.