Bras For Large Breasted WomenBest Bra For Large Breasts

Best Bra For Large Breasts

If you are going shopping for the best bra for large breasts you had better plan to exercise lots of patience. It isn’t a matter of them not being available, but they can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Regular department stores only carry large bras up to a certain size which will not suffice for the woman who has been well endowed. While it is certainly not fair, little can be done when shopping for a bra at a regular department store. This often leaves women with only a few options which are to go to a specialty store (expensive!) or to decide to purchases their bras online.

Without doubt, the best place to shop for super large bras is online and the choices are numerous. It also means more privacy, but it does make it difficult to try them on. Some specialty stores carry larger sized bras and if you still are at a loss, then investigate places that will make a custom bra for you.

The best bra for large breasts is definitely going to be one that has full figure support. Usually these bras have a reinforced shelf that lifts and holds the breast up. It is not the job of the straps to do the supporting even though they should be wider than regular bra straps. Make sure the band is wide enough and fits properly, remaining level across your back. If the band is sagging or rising up, then you are wearing the wrong size of bra.

As a larger breasted woman, you will want to find a bra that minimizes the appearance of your size. That does not mean that you wear a bra that is skimpy and squishy or you will be very uncomfortable.

An underwire bra does provide great lift and support for larger breasts. If the wire tends to dig and cut into your rib cage, then you might want to try another style. However, the new modern underwires are in actuality a piece of plastic boning which is not nearly as uncomfortable to wear.

You can expect to pay a hefty sum of money in order to purchase a bra for large breasts. They are generally $50 and up so are more expensive than regular sized bras. Due to the job they have to perform, these bras are more sturdy and well-made though.

When shopping for a bra it is very important to get properly measured so that you are buying the correct size. Most lingerie departments now have trained personnel that know how to determine your band and cup size. If you want to measure yourself it is quite simple. Measure around your rib cage under your breasts to determine the band size, but be sure to keep your arms at your side to not distort the measurement. For the cup size, measure the fullest part of your breast. Every inch of difference from the first measurement is indicative of the cup sizes. It will still be more accurate if someone else does the measuring.

Bras are available in many colors and styles. The best bra for large breasts is the one that you feel comfortable wearing, enhances your figure and makes your clothing look dynamite on you.